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(and everything else in the linux java repository) is installed and working. welshluke, just make sure you have hw acceleration enabled OerHeks: how do I do that? I can't remember OerHeks: I think it's enabled iirc it was working fine in the past welshluke: how do you know it isn't? auronandace: Because this issue started yesterday auronandace: I can't remember how to do this on Fedora. auronandace: Basically, when I try to start a java application on Ubuntu, it crashes immediately welshluke: what java version do you have? welshluke, jockey-gtk > Settings → additional drivers auronandace: 1.8 ( and/or hardware drivers for newer systems) welshluke: no 1.7 auronandace: Ubuntu uses java 7, so I don't know welshluke: the current release is 14.04 which ships with 1.8 Java 1.8.0_162 auronandace: how do I know which version of java is installed? OerHeks: I can't remember how to figure that out in fedora auronandace: Or, what do you mean by the current release? welshluke: the release name in the upper left hand corner of the desktop welshluke: 15.04 is the next release, as it is the version that is currently under development auronandace: 14.04 auronandace: Yeah I think it's the same. I tried to upgrade




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